White Mountain

'White Mountain' is a based on the artist residency program in Iceland 2013, produced by artist Eom Yu Jeong. 

The book was a part of the Eom Yu Jeong's solo exhibition 'Take it easy, you can find it' (2014, Artist Run Space 413), 

supported fund of the Seoul Foundation for Artist and Culture. It is the first book produced by the artist in 2014.


작가 엄유정 Artist EOM YU JEONG 

기획 엄유정 Curated by EOM YU JEONG 

제작 엄유정 Produced by EOM YU JEONG 

글 엄유정 Text EOM YU JEONG

사진 아베크 Photo AVEC

디자인 아베크 Design AVEC

후원 서울문화재단 Sponsor Seoul Foundation for Artist and Culture 

210 x 275mm, 32page

Eomyujeong 2014